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DEAS turns out to be the Unknown Artist behind the acidtracks on „1997 EP”

user | August 17, 2020

Let me take you on a trip to the underground

Thereareundoubtedlymanythings for which I truly love the dance music underground. Thisculturehasalwaysbeengoverned by itsownlaws, often far from the market rules, unpredictable for musicbookmakers and managers with a calculator in hand.Therehavealwaysbeenamazingstories, when a dance trackhasbeenplayed in underground clubsonly – known by a fewDJ’s and selectors , but slowlystartedgainingpopularity in more and moreclubs. The track’spopularitygrewuntilit was officiallyreleased, and veryoftenitscommercialpotentialturned out to be huge – itincreasedrecognition and becamean anthem, a futureclassic.

Sometimes – afterofficialrelease – itsuddenlytopped the charts – suchsituationshappenedveryoften in the UK in the 90’s – e.g. after 2 years of circulation in the underground “Let Me Be Your Fantasy” by Baby D. jumped to the top of UK Top 40. Guys from Baby D watched UK Top 40 on MTV waitingtilltheir single wouldcomeup as “newentry”. Slowlytheylosttheirhope. And suddenlytheyrealisedtheir song madeitstraight to No. 1!

Planet Rhythm – success story since 1994

Sothere’s a brandnewinteresting story behind the recordcalled „1997 EP” (Unknown Artist) releasedrecently by a Dutch label Planet Rhythm, found in 1994.

Planet Rhythm’scurrentlyowned by TripleVision Music Group. The label was originallyfounded by Glenn Wilson back in the early 90’s in Sweden with the help of Adam Beyer, Umek, Gaetek, Thomas Krome, Slobodan & Patrick Skoog and manymorelocal techno producersat the time. The labelthenchangedownershiparound 2005 to keepgrowingintoitscurrentform with morethan 100 releases and a hugeroster of modern day techno producers, with artistslikeRadial, Bas Mooy, Exium, Scalameriya, Sleeparchive, Emmanuel, Re:Axis, Christian Wünsch, Matrixxman, Oscar Mulero, Echologist, Woo York and manymorebothwellknown and upcomingartists.  With a steadystream of releases, Planet Rhythmhasalwaysplayedanimportant role, and itwillcontinue to be a landmark, explore the boundaries ,search for talent that design the future, and expanditscatalog with strong, solid and oftenversatile techno.

Planet Rhythmreleases a banger EP „1997” by UNKNOWN ARTIST

„1997”is one of the latestreleases from thislabel. Whentheyreceived the demo, theywereabsolutelydelighted by the quality and powerrepresented by 4 acid-tracks: „Blind Test”, „Target”, „Hidden” and „Drift”. Recordlabel’s boss – Marco found the musicamazing and decided to releaseit on vinyl. He took a risky step, too – he decided not to mention the artist’snamebehind the EP. „Let the greatmusicspeakhere for itself! Do not buy the name, buy the music!” And the distribution of the record in the hard Coronavirus – timeseemed to be also a big chellenge.

A&R of Planet Rhythmdecidedalso to give the record a beautiful design to makeitsound and lookbeautiful. „1997” turned out to be a bestseller – sellingover 200 copies in 2 weeks as pre-order! Recordhasbeenstronglysupported by suchDJ’s as Len Faki, Marcel Dettmann, Nur Jaber, Dubfire and Anthony Pappa.

31.07. was the officialpremiere-day of the vinyl – and the author of music was…Unknown Artist.

On 10th of August the digitalreleasefollowed – revealing the real name of the author: DEAS!

DEAS  – Cracowbasedproducer on a techno mission

DEAS (Materia, KMS, Planet Rhythm) –  young, breakthroughartistbased in Cracow/Poland, born in Greece is a musicproducer and DJ, whostandsbehind the EP.His productionsreceivedgreat feedback and arestronglyendorsed by Len Faki, Ilario Alicante, Kangding Ray to namejust a few. DEAS’smusicisalsofeatured and supported by suchmusicmagazines as Mixmag, Dj Mag, Big Shot Magazine, Decoded Magazine, Magnetic Magazine, Datatransmission etc.  Karol Mozgawa hasalso 2 residencies in Poland in twoleadingclubs: Smolna in Warsawand  2.0 in Cracow.

„I was inspired by earlyworks of Plastikman and Model 500. I decided to put the acidbassline in the firstrow, not in the background to make the tracksoundreallymassive. The title of the EP –1997 – meansthat I wanted to created the musictrhatsoundslikemade in the 90’s, but seenthrougheyes and emotions of a youngproducer, filtered by the 2020-vibe” saysDeas. And he adds: „ I love the organicgrowth of the popularity of thisrecord, that’sanabsolutely underground-culture-thangthat we didhere with Planet Rhythm. We basedour PR and marketing on musiconly” says DEAS aboutproducing „1997”.

Artur Wojtczak

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